Current Champion Wants To Defend Title In Other Promotions

2 months ago by Ryan Coogan

Current Champion Wants To Defend Title In Other Promotions WWE/AEW

IMPACT Knockouts Champion Mickie James has spoken about the possibility of defending her belt against Mercedes Mone in the future.

James won the belt in the main event of IMPACT’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view event, winning it from Jordynne Grace in a title vs career match.

If she had lost the match, James would have been forced to retire from wrestling altogether.

Now it seems that James is hoping to do as much as possible with her second chance, by defending her belt against as many challengers as possible.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio about the possibility of taking the Knockouts Championship to other promotions, James talked about who she would like to defend the belt against if she ever managed to cross the threshold of the forbidden door:

“I would be honored to [take the title elsewhere]. I did say, if I won this championship, that I intend on making this my greatest reign ever and to become the greatest Knockouts World Champion of all time. In order to be a world champion, it needs to be represented worldwide. IMPACT has been so gracious to me and it’s no secret that they are down to do great business.

“They always try to do what is best for the company and really have an open mind when it comes to a lot of things and are progressive about a lot of things. You talk about that match with Sasha [Mercedes Mone], that’s one match we never got at WWE.

“We never had a singles match and it’s one thing we always wanted. With her at Stardom and New Japan, that opportunity to have that singles match would be incredible. To go against someone at AEW, that’s a door I’ve never walked through before. Britt Baker or Jamie Hayter, she’s the champion, I love her. She’s fantastic. Someone like Jade Cargill, who is an anomaly, she’s an attraction, that would be two parallel universes, two different worlds colliding.

“That would be cool. I was blessed to go back to WWE for the Rumble last time, but there are a lot of women, Charlotte (Flair), Bayley, Becky (Lynch), people who I never really had a chance to be me in that ring and show what I could truly do. That match with Asuka is probably my greatest match when I was back at WWE the last time, and I had some incredible moments and got to do WrestleMania with Alexa (Bliss), but I didn’t have the opportunity to present Hardcore Country until the Rumble, but also remind people of who Mickie James is in the ring.

“That’s one thing about this time with IMPACT, I reminded a lot of people and earned that respect back on a serious note. I would pray for something like that. I would really like to make this title reign something remarkable and special. I don’t know how many I have left in me.

“It’s not about wins or losses, obviously I want to be a champions champion, I don’t want to lose, but to be able to have the opportunity to test myself against a whole new class of women when there are opportunities now that were never available before. It’s exciting.

“It would be a really good, not only wrap-up to my career, but for this title run to be special for me and to the fans. It would be an opportunity to give the fans something different and unexpected all the way around.”

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