AEW Star Receives Latest 5-Star Match Rating From Dave Meltzer

5 months ago by Laura Cude

AEW Star Receives Latest 5-Star Match Rating From Dave Meltzer WON

Dave Meltzer has given a rare 5-star rating to a recent match involving a current AEW name.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer reviewed the match between El Hijo del Vikingo and Rey Fenix at TripleMania XXX On October 15.

El Hijo del Vikingo defended his AAA Mega heavyweight title, and Meltzer shared the stand-out moments from the hexagonal ring.

He said:

“Vikingo did crazy Vikingo things. There was a triple jump huracanrana. There was a twisting huracanrana. Vikingo went for the Big E running tackle on the guy on the apron where you both go to the floor. But as he went for the tackle, Fenix used a guillotine and dropped him with a DDT on the apron. Vikingo came off the top of the post with an inverted shooting star press and then a poison rana on the floor. Then Vikingo did a shooting star press off the apron to the floor. Fenix was bleeding.

“Vikingo did a springboard 450 off the middle rope. Fenix reversed a Russian leg sweep on the to rope into a Spanish fly off the top. Vikingo blocked a power bomb into a tight huracanrana for a near fall. Vikingo jumped over the top rope onto the middle rope on the other side and did a 630 to the floor. He did another 630 off the top rope for a near fall. Fenix ran on the guard rail and jumped of into a superkick by Fenix.”

Fenix seized his moment at this moment, delivering a Fenix driver in a bid to become a three-time AAA champion, but Vikingo kicked out. Meltzer described Vikingo as looking like he was in pain after landing on his tailbone after Fenix did a Poison Rana from the top rope.

Vikingo ultimately retained the title, winning with a meteora followed by an inverted 450. Meltzer noted that Vikingo’s father, El Vikingo, was at ringside throughout, and Vikingo embraced him following his win.

This was not the only match that stood out to Dave Meltzer recently, as another match also received the coveted 5 star rating this week.

Fans have been raving about the NJPW Royal Quest Day 1 match-up between FTR and Aussie Open that took place on October 1, and Dave has now finally managed to watch it, and give it a full 5 stars.

Talking about the match, Melzter said:

“FTR’s win over Aussie Open was one of the three best tag matches I’ve seen this year, and it could easily be argued the best, and easy five stars.”

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