Dax Harwood Tells Dave Meltzer To ‘F**k Off’ On Twitter

Dax Harwood Tells Dave Meltzer To ‘F**k Off’ On Twitter AEW

Whoa, coming in hot on a Friday afternoon! Dax Harwood does not mince words as he gives a hearty middle finger to Dave Meltzer.

Dax Harwood had the time to deliver one of the world’s most polite yet succinct message to say f**k off to wrestling media originator Dave Meltzer.

A fan Tweeted at Dave about the potential Young Bucks & FTR backstage heat, writing:

“people who actually think the young bucks are burying ftr or are scared of them in some way are the biggest losers on wrestling twitter”

When Dave responded with a somewhat flippant quip, Uncle Dax came in hot with a succinct and polite f**k off.

Dax writing:

“Dave, with all due respect, f**k off. Like, in the most respectful and loving way, I mean that. When you decide to get two sides of a story, then speak on it. Thanks dude.”

Not the ‘thanks dude’!

To be fair, Harwood’s actually quite affable f**k you has merit in that no matter how flat you make a pancake, there are always two sides!


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1 year ago by Amanda Savage



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