Edge Calls NXT Star “The Guy” In WWE Right Now

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Edge Calls NXT Star “The Guy” In WWE Right Now

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has high praise for a particular NXT star, referring to him as “the guy” in WWE right now.

The Rated-R Superstar recently took part in a conference call to promote WrestleMania, where he faces Randy Orton in a last man standing match.

Speaking about who stands out to him in NXT, the brand his wife Beth Phoenix is a commentator for, he said:

“There are so many talents, you can seriously point to everyone on the roster. Obviously (Tommaso) Ciampa and I have a very close relationship, we’re both ‘neck’ guys for a lack of a better term. So he’s picking his brain a lot and I love it because he cares a lot and he’ll try the ideas too. I love [Johnny] Gargano. To me, ‘the guy’ who is dialed in and completely found what it is that he’s supposed to do is Finn Balor. It’s exciting to watch him right now. To me, he and Gargano set the template for what an NXT match should be going forward.”

WWE announced that with TakeOver: Tampa being cancelled, the matches that were planned for the event will instead be held on TV in upcoming weeks.

Edge continued:

“You got your workhorses like Adam Cole who’s just out there week-in, week-out, night after night in the grind and you just got to tip your hat to that guy. Keith Lee is so impressive – I’d love to be able to get in the ring with that guy and just show him exactly what he is and how he can be. Velveteen Dream to me is just this raw, completely natural character – he has just found his character and that’s so exciting to watch. It’s not just all about moves, about 84 superkicks. He has tapped into his character and it’s really fun to watch and to see where he takes that – the future is good.”

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