ESPN No Longer Airing WWE Content

1 year ago by Brian Joyce

ESPN No Longer Airing WWE Content

The announcement of the WWE Network being put on Peacock in the United States is a very big deal. We will have to wait and see what the extent of the impact will be from this deal but some of the fallout is already being felt.

As discussed by Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer on today’s Wrestling Observer Live, there are problems between WWE and ESPN with the network no longer airing WWE content going forward.

Meltzer indicated that it is believed that ESPN was also trying to get the rights to WWE Network content. Of course, WWE has chosen to go with Peacock and NBCU instead. Now, Meltzer has reported that ESPN and parent company Disney found out about this deal three weeks ago. Since then, they have shut down any WWE coverage on the channel.

ESPN has been airing WWE content since early last year. WWE content was something they used to fill the airwaves during the pandemic, airing old WrestleManias and other classic matches. For the time being, it appears that you will have to go somewhere else to find you WWE content.

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