How To Play As ‘Demon’ Finn Balor In WWE 2K23

How To Play As ‘Demon’ Finn Balor In WWE 2K23 WWE

We might be seeing the return of ‘Demon’ Finn Balor to WWE at WrestleMania, which would be the first time since September 2021.

With the Demon’s absence from WWE has come an absence from the latest WWE video game, WWE 2K23, in which ‘Demon’ Balor isn’t a readily available character.

However, there is a workaround thanks to WWE 2K23 custom character creator WhatsTheStatus.

Status has done some great work uploading extra versions of characters that were hidden in the game files, making them available for everyone to use.

To play as ‘Demon’ Finn Balor, follow these steps:

From the WWE 2K23 main menu, use R1/RB to move across to the ‘Online’ section.

Select ‘Community Creations’. Select ‘Downloads’. Select ‘All’.

Hit Triangle/Y to bring up the search function, make sure you have ‘Superstars’ selected as the category, then scroll down to the ‘Hashtags’.

Hit ‘Hashtag 1’, scroll down to ‘My Hashtags’, and type in ‘DemonModeBalor’.

Make sure the character selected is the one by WhatsTheStatus#56440, then hit X/A to select it, then the same for ‘Download’.

And now you have ‘Demon’ Finn Balor in your game!

An extra optional step is to make the ‘Demon’ an alternate attire for the standard in-game Finn Balor.

To do that, go back to the main menu, move across to the ‘Creations’ section, and select ‘Superstar’.

Then select ‘Edit Custom Superstar’, find the ‘Demon’ Finn Balor one you just downloaded, select it with X/A, and do the same for ‘Edit’.

Scroll down to and select ‘Personal Information’, and make sure you have ‘Yes’ selected for the ‘Use As Alternate Attire’ setting.

From there, just back out and save your changes, and now ‘Demon’ Finn Balor will be an alternate attire for the in-game Balor, instead of its own standalone character.

‘Demon’ Finn Balor is far from the only content like this that Status has uploaded, and it’s really adding so much to the playing experience to have these extra characters and content available and playable.

So far, the other content Status has uploaded to Community Creations, which you can find by searching the hashtag ‘WhatsTheStatus’ and making sure the creator is WhatsTheStatus#56440, are:

Playable version of Scarlett

Playable version of Adam Pearce

Playable version of Corey Graves

2014 version of Stephanie McMahon (manager only)

2014 version of Triple H (manager only)

2023 version of Vince McMahon (manager only)

Playable version of Mick Foley

Playable version of Kayla Braxton

Playable version of Byron Saxton

Retro version of Triple H with hidden ‘My Time’ theme

DX versions of Triple H and Shawn Michaels

Retro version of Kane

Playable version of Paul Heyman

2020 version of Alexa Bliss

Mandy Rose

WrestleMania 34 (2018) version of Asuka

WrestleMania 35 (2019) version of Becky Lynch

Updated current 2023 version of Asuka

Playable version of Bobby Heenan

1998 version of Faarooq

Updated current 2023 version of Nikki Cross

‘Demon’ Finn Balor

Retro version of Batista with hair

2003 version of Kane

Playable version of Michael Cole

It’s also worth mentioning that JoeMashups has been doing some similarly great work by adjusting and updating the appearances of playable characters.

Joe Mashups’ uploads so far, which you can find by using the hashtag ‘JoeMashups’ and making sure the creator is JoeMashups#11430, are:

Updated 2023 version of Damian Priest with beard

‘Dashing’ (2010) version of Cody Rhodes

Updated 2023 version of Austin Theory with beard

2001 version of Kurt Angle with hair & TNA version of Kurt Angle with beard

Updated 2023 version of Roman Reigns

Several retro versions of Randy Orton

Updated 2023 version of Jacy Jayne

Updated 2023 version of Edge

Updated version of The Rock with new tattoos

Updated version of Becky Lynch with eye makeup removed

2004/2005 versions of Undertaker

Updated 2023 version of Maryse

Judgment Day (2022)/2011 versions of Edge

Dabba-Kato (updated version of Commander Azeez)

Updated 2023 Sonya Deville

Updated 2023 LA Knight with beard

Updated 2023 Jey Uso with new face texture, updated red hair, extra hair in the front, gray hair in the beard, and new tattoos

This level of custom content really is a game changer for WWE 2K23 – if you’re not aware of it and not taking advantage of it, you definitely should be.

Some other great creators who have already pumped out quite a bit of content so far this year include AlexNificent, Darzo_xX, GaMeVoLt, and IconicCaws , so give them a search too.

As well as the credit going to the creators for the awesome content they’re putting together, it’s worth also giving a mention to 2K, who did make big improvements for creations this year compared to WWE 2K22.

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