IMPACT Wrestling To Get SAWFT?

IMPACT Wrestling To Get SAWFT?

For different and various reasons, Big Cass and Enzo Amore were released from their WWE contracts earlier this year and have since moved on to other projects, or so we thought. Now, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross believes the former NXT duo could head to IMPACT Wrestling.

Speaking on his celebrated Jim Ross Report podcast, the legendary announcer discussed in detail the company’s standing in the world of wrestling today and the unemployed double act, amongst other things. When quizzed about who he would like to see join the ranks of the growing promotion and a potential run for the former WWE stars, ‘Good Ol’ JR’ had this to say:

“You’ve got to wonder if Impact Wrestling has their eye on this guy [Big Cass]. Under the right circumstance, getting all the stars aligned, I still believe that Big Cazz has great potential. I understand too, I’ve said it before on the air, potential don’t buy the groceries. Somewhere along the way you gotta get to that level where they can’t do without you….you look at somebody making an Impact, what about Impact Wrestling having Enzo Amore under whatever name and Big Cazz on their show? Worse things can happen, right?”

Whilst Jim is hopeful that, with the correct situation, both men can find fame again, the possibility of the pair reuniting is very slim. After his brush with the legal system following false accusations of rape, Enzo categorically stated that he was done with the wrestling industry, instead turning his attention to the music business. Even if he was interested in stepping back between the ropes, the pair reportedly did not get on well backstage.

Colin Cassidy has stayed in the industry since his departure from WWE, however, taking bookings under the name Big Cazz. He is due to appear for Big Time Wrestling on September 21 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Whilst he was on the subject of IMPACT Wrestling, Ross got talking about the empire’s current deal to be broadcast on Pop TV. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s not a huge fan:

“Just when you thought that IMPACT Wrestling was building some momentum – and I think they still are, their television ratings have recently gone off the hook in a bad way. They had their lowest rating of 2018 for their weekly episodic television. There’s an old saying my granny told me one time about her mercantile, her store, that you can’t sell goods out of an empty wagon. I don’t think the Pop TV wagon is very loaded. If you’re like me I can ask this question to anybody and I’d like to get the answer. Are there other programs that you watch on Pop TV in addition to IMPACT Wrestling? Didn’t think so. They got to build their company around talent and television. Their talent side seems to be coming together: their nucleus. They gotta have a nucleus and somebody’s gotta get hot. It’s that simple. They’ve gotta get on a vehicle at some point in time that’s gonna give them a chance to survive and become very profitable.”


WrestleTalk await your comments on the subject. Would you like to see either Cassidy or Amore back in a major wrestling promotion? Do you think their time in the business is done? Or is there still something left that needs exploring? You can contact us on Twitter and Discord today.

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