JBL Apologises For Saying He Would “Kill” Cody

4 years ago by Wrestle Talk

JBL Apologises For Saying He Would “Kill” Cody

Ah, the morning after the night before . . .

JBL who went on a random and seemingly unprovoked Twitter tirade against Cody last night, has apologised for his actions, specifically his comments that he was going to “kill” the ROH and NJPW star.


Layfield stated that his tweets were not meant to be taken seriously and that he was merely “talking smack” on Cody. He also admitting to having one (or several) drinks too many, using his birthday as an excuse:


The former WWE Champion then responded to one of his followers calling him out for “jokingly” going after Cody’s late father Dusty Rhodes. JBL apologised for any disrespect, noting that he goes “way back” with Dusty and again blaming a combination of booze, his birthday and the adrenaline boost from watching his beloved Dallas Cowboys winning for his actions.


We’ll forgive you, John. Now will you unblock us on Twitter?

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