Jeff Hardy Proposes Bizarre New Match Type

1 year ago by Liam Winnard

Jeff Hardy Proposes Bizarre New Match Type

Jeff Hardy is known to be a daredevil, and that lends itself to some pretty wacky ideas when it comes to doing stuff in his matches.

But apparently it’s not limited to stuff he does in matches, as he’s made one particular suggestion for a certain match type, which would certainly be an… interesting thing to see.

Speaking with Alex McCarthy, Jeff Hardy outlined his outlandish idea, saying:

“What if there was a match to which you wrestled for five minutes and then there was a (beeping noises). The ring starts spinning, and then it spins at a certain speed for a certain amount of time, and then it can stop. Naturally, you’d get dizzy but then another two minutes or whatever it starts to spin again, but now it’s a little faster. I’m just curious to see if you can run spots as the ring’s spinning and be safe about it.”

There’s about as much chance of that happening in WWE as there is of me turning into a three-legged pink rhinoceros, but maybe, just maybe, if he was to one day join AEW, it would be a little bit more likely.

Quote via Wrestling Inc

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