Jeff Jarrett On AEW Plans To Expand Into New Markets

3 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Jeff Jarrett On AEW Plans To Expand Into New Markets AEW

Jeff Jarrett has revealed his hopes for AEW in 2023, discussing current plans for the promotion’s live events.

Jarrett currently serves as the promotion’s Director of Business Development, and is helping AEW to expand its live event calendar.

Discussing his current role with AEW, Jarrett noted the following on Talk is Jericho:

“The live event industry, which is one of the hats I’m wearing, we’ll call it house shows. It’s not a four letter word around here, which I love.

“The house show business, I’ll call them the non-televised live events, I think that’s the proper terminology that I use when I’m talking to different promoters.

“I say, ‘Hey, these are non televised.’ ‘Oh, I got it.’ That’s it right up at the forefront.

“So now getting into the non televised events, I want to be real careful that we strategically help with the guidance on getting, we call C and D markets, but candidly, markets that Dynamite is not going to go to.”

Believing that AEW can truly rival WWE in the international market Jarrett said:

“Once you get outside the United States, the AEW brand, believe it or not, is on par with WWE. I said, ‘I need numbers in Canada.’ So anyway, they came along and man, it’s fantastic. The growth internationally is super exciting.”

“It’s very obvious, the focus has been on the television product, and when you really look at the strength of the brand, and I know from the quick due diligence I did, you know we have been to repeat markets already.

“I know even with the pandemic, we’ve been to repeat markets. So there’s a lot of new markets we’re going to in 2023, which is just such an understated value point that oh, you’ve never been to Laredo. Oh, you’ve never been to El Paso. Oh, wait, you’re going to Seattle, Seattle is a major market.

“I think 2023, I can already see the surge that, and that’s just, let’s say, spreading our wings a little bit more because the focus has been on that Wednesday Night Dynamite in 20 markets or 30 markets. Growth is going to be an understatement, I believe.”

Jarrett joined AEW in November 2022, following his departure from WWE in August, where he served as the Senior Vice President of Live Events.

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