Jim Cornette Says Logan Paul’s Basics Are ‘Better Than 90% Of AEW Roster’

4 months ago by Laura Cude

Jim Cornette Says Logan Paul’s Basics Are ‘Better Than 90% Of AEW Roster’ WWE

A veteran of the wrestling business has heaped praise on Logan Paul’s performance in his match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel.

Jim Cornette reviewed the premium-live event that took place on November 5 during the latest episode of his podcast, Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru.

Cornette is known for his unpopular opinions and not holding back on the mic, but he was full of praise for Logan Paul, who has just three WWE matches under his belt.

He said:

“The guy is going for the WWE Championship at a stadium show in his third-ever match in front of people. And by all right and laws of gravity, this thing should have either been kept short or should’ve stunk, or at the very least it should’ve been passable, and Logan Paul is a goddamn star that they found and they didn’t even know it two years ago…

“…He’s obviously done the training, he’s taken this seriously, his basics are better than 90 per cent of the AEW roster in just the training that he’s had… he’s selling and understands why he’s selling in the third match. That right there it was enough to get over with me.”

Cornette wasn’t a fan of the whole match, however, noting that the interruptions from Paul’s entourage, including his brother Jake Paul, and the Usos involvement, were distracting to the main event.

He explained:

“At this point, I thought ‘they’ve completely lost the match.’ They lost the threat, it was too long, too much distraction, interruption, etc. Maybe they didn’t trust it at the start and they said ‘we’ve got to have all the gaga at the finish just to make sure everybody’s on the edge of their seat.’ I think they should’ve trusted the match.”

Logan Paul later revealed that he sustained an injury during the match and has since reflected on his experience at Crown Jewel.

Recently, proof of Logan Paul’s impact on interest in the WWE emerged. You can read more on this story right here. 

Transcription via Sportskeeda. 

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