John Cena Challenged To WrestleMania Match On SmackDown

3 years ago by Nate

John Cena Challenged To WrestleMania Match On SmackDown

John Cena had been announced to appear on the February 28, 2020 edition of SmackDown. WWE saved him for the main event segment.

Cena came down to a very loud reaction from his hometown crowd. He started off by talking about how everyone in the back works so hard to earn a WrestleMania moment.

He continued to say he was going to do the right thing. Cena said he wasn’t going to wrestle at this year’s Mania.

He said he came to his hometown to tell everyone Goodbye.  John, then, walked up the ramp and gave a final salute.

To no one’s shock, the music hit and the lights went out. There he was. The Fiend was standing behind Cena.

The Fiend simply pointed at the WrestleMania sign. John Cena looked around to the crowd who was chanting Yes. He tipped his hat and the match is on.

Tonight was a night of matchmaking on SmackDown. Reigns and Goldberg was made official. Miz and Morrison found out they were going to have to defend their titles in the Elimination Chamber.

While it is good news Cena was over and The Fiend was still popular. What was a bit odd though was that The Fiend didn’t get physical.

Considering Cena is a super babyface you’d think it would take more than a finger point to get him to go against his word. Let us know what you thought about the segment on Twitter. 


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