Jon Moxley Challenges Minoru Suzuki To A Match

Jon Moxley Challenges Minoru Suzuki To A Match

Anyone else’s mouth just started watering? Jon Moxley has said that he is very keen on a match with NJPW legend and world’s most terrifying human, Minoru Suzuki.

Speaking in an interview with NJPW, Moxley spoke about several aspects of his career, including wanting to face Suzuki to test himself.

“I want to test my potential by fighting Minoru Suzuki. I want to see what happens.”

He was also asked about the recent G1 Climax tournament, and whether it was the most difficult few weeks of his career. (Note all answers are translated from Japanese)

“That’s right. Moreover, there were no moments when the harshness eased. “G1” doesn’t allow you to do your best today and let’s get a little off tomorrow. I’ll always run through for 4 or 5 weeks.”

He talked about feeling like he had a big target on his back having just left WWE. He felt that people wanted to defeat him in order to get a bit of time in the spotlight.

“Every wrestler has made a violent attack to drive me out of New Japan and G1. They wanted to get fame by defeating me. So I felt like I was carrying a big target behind me during the G1 period. That’s why I tried to fight hard from me before they got ready for war.”

Moxley is currently out of action due to an elbow infection, but it is hoped he will be returning to action soon after AEW TV starts on October 2.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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