Kurt Angle Recalls Breaking Former WWE Star’s Arm

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Kurt Angle Recalls Breaking Former WWE Star’s Arm WWE

Kurt Angle has recalled breaking a former WWE star’s arm during a match.

In pro wrestling, injuries are part of the occupation. It doesn’t matter which in-ring performer a fan brings up they have all dealt with it.

However, the toughest aspect of being part of an injury in the squared circle is being the person who injures their opponent.

Speaking on “The Kurt Angle Show”, Kurt Angle discussed his SmackDown match in 2000 against former WWE star Bob “Hardcore” Holly where an ill-timed moonsault resulted in breaking Holly’s arm.

In the past, Angle has stated that he took over the match, but Holly disagreed and believed it played out differently. On his podcast, Angle now admits:

“We were trying to both communicate, so we were both speaking and I was trying to – I thought he should leave the match because he was injured. And he wanted to leave the match because he had a broken arm and he was limited. So, I should have just listened to him but instead, we were both talking.”

Confirming how it went down and Holly’s tough-as-nails reputation, Kurt said:

“Yeah, Bob wanted to keep going. He’s crazy. Me, if I broke my arm like that, I’d be like, ‘I’m done.'”

Angle and Holly ended up finishing the bout with some slight variations from the originally planned finish. Recalling his run-in with the doctor that took x-rays of Holly’s arm after in the hospital, Kurt stated:

“He’s like, ‘Come here, look at this.’ I look and it was Bob Holly’s arm, and both bones were broken, completely broken all the way.”

“So I come into the hospital room, and Bob was going, ‘Hey, I don’t think it’s that bad.’ I said, ‘Bob, it’s broken. I’m sorry, man, but you have a compound fracture. This thing, it’s barely hanging on your arm.”

Angle later reflected on how this injury gained him a sort of reputation of being somewhat reckless in the ring, saying:

“This was a careless spot that I didn’t practice – I never practiced doing a moonsault. I never figured where the person should be laying when I land on because I never landed on them before.”

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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