Lince Dorado Says WWE Is ‘A Movie Company’

Lince Dorado Says WWE Is ‘A Movie Company’ WWE

In a recent chat with Renee Paquette on The Sessions podcast, Lince Dorado opened up about his reasons for wanting out of the company.

Speaking on their heavy emphasis on the ‘entertainment’ aspects of sports entertainment being one of the factors in his decision to quit the company, Dorado said:

“Of course, it was difficult to say I quit, right? Because that’s ultimately what I did. I quit. I said, ‘this is not for me, because you’ll not fulfilling me creatively.’ The job was easy, Renee. The job is easy for somebody who loves pro wrestling, the job is easy, but [for] somebody who loves pro wrestling, the job is very frustrating. Because WWE is not a wrestling company. They’re a movie company. Somebody who loves pro wrestling and understands that and wants to contribute, it’s frustrating.”

Dorado also discussed how being unhappy in his work life was having a negative impact on his home life which led him to feel certain he needed to make a change.

Lince Dorado was a part of the Lucha House Party faction with Gran Metalik and Kalisto. Dorado has previously spoken to Sports Illustrated about his decision to request his release with several years left on his contract after being dissatisfied with creative, saying:

“I hate quitting, but I left with two years left on my contract. I left behind more money than I’ll ever see the rest of my life, but I’ve been poor. I’ve been broke, I’ve been homeless, I’ve been in the street, I’ve been in the ghetto—and I survived. I’ll survive without WWE, too. I want more, and I need more.”

Elsewhere in the discussion with Paquette, Dorado describes growing up as well as what to expect from him in the future in professional wrestling.

Transcription via SEScoops 

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