AEW: Dynamite Live Results – April 20, 2022

8 months ago by Nate

AEW: Dynamite Live Results – April 20, 2022 AEW

It’s Wednesday night and you know what that means. WrestleTalk will be providing live coverage and breaking news from AEW: Dynamite. Hook makes his Dynamite debut tonight. Tony has a big surprise. CM Punk is teasing a special guest. It should be a fun night.

Here is what is advertised for tonight:

  • CM Punk vs. Dustin Rhodes
  • Wardlow vs. The Butcher
  • Coffin Match – Darby Allin vs. Andrade El Idolo
  • Jungle Boy vs. Kyle O’Reilly – Owen Tournament
  • Britt Baker vs. Danielle Kamela
  • Hook wrestles
  • Tony Khan and his huge announcement
  • Blackpool Combat Club vs. Lee Moriarty, Dante Martin, and Brock Anderson

Darby vs. Andrade

Darby Allin has lost a little steam in this feud with Andrade. Hopefully, this is the end of this feud. Although, it doesn’t look like it from the opening moments. Before the two even lock up, Blade gets involved. Blade and Marq Quen jump Darby. Now the AFO is on the attack.

The battle goes into the crowd. They encounter a guy in a Sting mask. Guess what, it’s Sting. I’ve seen that trick somewhere before. Now, it’s Sting fighting AFO’s cronies while Andrade and Allin follow.

Sting no sells a chair shot. He sends Quen off the stands into Andrade and Blade. Sting then takes the stairs up to the landing over the hallway to the locker room. He hits a diving cross body from the stands onto all the other guys.

As always, Darby takes some big hits. He gets dropped on the ramp. He hits a suicide dive on Andrade that sends them both into the coffin. He gets up to slam the lid when Jose comes down. The top of the coffin has thumbtacks. Darby slams Jose into the tacks and then closes the lid on Andrade. He and Sting stand tall. Out come the Hardys and do the delete motion until the show goes off the air.

If we’re heading towards the Hardys vs. Sting and Darby, then I’m not looking forward to that one. It sure feels like we’re wasting Darby in these feuds involving Sting.

Until next time…

Britt Baker is back

There’s no doubt who is the fan favorite in this one. Britt Baker is cheered like no other. She has a pop quite possibly bigger than CM Punk’s. She’s wrestling Danielle Kamela. Kamela is the former Vanessa Bourne. Baker has two Pittsburgh Steelers with her.

The match was never in doubt. Britt Baker wins. After the match, Baker grabs a mic. She says the women’s division is a mess without her. She runs down all the women. She turns her focus to Toni Storm. She says if she thinks getting cake in the face is bad, wait until Jamie Hayter mops the floor with her. She says she’ll want to leave this company too. She then runs down Jade Cargill and her baddies. She promises to win the Owen tournament.

We get a recap of Serena Deeb and Hikaru Shida’s feud. Is that still going? Next week, we get a street match between the two. Up next, the coffin match.

Sammy is here to speak...

Sammy Guevara is a heel now I guess. He comes out and says that all the people who boo him can just be mad.  He says it’s because his girlfriend is hotter than theirs. Sky comes out and seems to be more face tonight as well.

After some not so terrific trash talk, Sammy agrees to a rematch with Sky. He wants a mix-tag match. Then he says next week Ladder Match. That was weird and not great. Sammy does not need a microphone.

We get a promo from House of Black. They threaten to kill Fuego Del Sol. Yay, murder.

Hook is Dynamite

Hook is out and the crowd is pumped. He is wrestling Anthony Henry. Henry is one of my personal favorite guys. He wrestled a lot on my local indie circuit.

During the match, the camera cuts to Tony Nese and Mark Sterling taking notes at ringside. During the match, Danhausen appears. He tries to curse Hook and is unsuccessful. He grabs a mic and is furious. He goes in the ring and says he’s had enough. He says if he won’t be cursed then he will fight Danhausen. Danhausen puts his finger in Hook’s chest. Hook gives the camera a handsome stare and then cracks. He kind of smiled like he was trying to hold in a laugh. He walks out of the ring and puts his shoulder into Danhausen.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone is interviewing Frankie Kazarian. He starts to challenge Sammy Guevara, but Scorpio Sky stops him. Sky uses their past history in SCU to convince Kaz to wait. Sky is going to challenge Sammy to a rematch. How many times are we going to get this one?

Oh yeah, Hook beat Henry with the Redrum. It was a squash.


The Owen Men's Tournament

Kyle O’Reilly and Jungle Boy are trying to qualify for the Owen Tournament. Prior to the match, Eddie Kingston cuts a quick little promo about his Rampage match with Daniel Garcia. That will be a fun match on Friday night.

This was a battle of Jungle Boy’s athletic ability vs. O’Reilly’s MMA-inspired offense. The momentum swung back and forth throughout the match. It looked like Jungle Boy’s match when he locked in the Snare Trap. Kyle was able to get to the ropes though. From there, O’Reilly was able to get the win. He hits a huge Superplex and then hits a diving knee to the back/ribs of Jungle Boy.

O’Reilly qualifies for the Owen tournament and joins Samoa Joe. After the match, Jungle Boy apologizes to Christian Cage and the duo walks off.

Backstage, MJF is talking to Alex Marvez. MJF is upset about how The Butcher didn’t get the job done. MJF is talking about snakes. In walks, Jake the Snake. Is Jake wrestling Wardlow? He certainly is sweaty. Lance Archer walks in and says everybody dies. Looks like we’re getting Archer vs Wardlow next week.


Wardlow and The Butcher

Butcher comes out first. MJF is in the second level above the crowd. He announces Wardlow will be coming out to no music. Wardlow is in handcuffs to ensure he can’t attack MJF. They unlock them and the match is on.

That was a lot shorter than I expected. Butcher got in a little offense, but Wardlow made pretty quick work of Butcher. Wardlow hit the Powerbomb Symphony. Tonight it consisted of 4 consecutive bombs. Wardlow is impressive and AEW is getting him over with the crowd. He’s going to be a huge star in short time.

The Huge Announcement

Tony Khan brings out the President of New Japan Pro Wrestling. Adam Cole interrupts. He says he should be the one to make an announcement like this.

He says on June 26th there will be an NJPW and AEW co-promoted event. The show will be called Forbidden Door. It will feature stars from both promotions going head to head. He says on Rampage there will be a preview. Cole will be facing Ishii.

He then introduces Jay White. Jay White says he is the one who sold out MSG the last time NJPW participated in a crossover event. That’s exciting.

Backstage, Jade Cargill has Red Velvet and Kiera Hogan with her. They are apparently official baddies now. Wardlow is up next.

Blackpool Combat Club in action

Yuta, Mox, and Danielson are wrestling against a makeshift team of Dante Martin, Lee Moriarty, and Brock Anderson. I’m not sure why Darius Martin wasn’t in the match. Surely they aren’t going to put Anderson in the BCC.

Yuta is sporting a new look tonight. His tights are white with red coloring that looks like blood splatter.

The BCC come out on top. Mox hits the Paradigm Shift for the win. This was a classic squash match. Dante Martin and Lee Moriarty has some shining moments, but the BCC looked really good.

At one point, all 3 members of BCC were in the ring unleashing repeated strikes on the opposing teams. BCC is really coming together and Yuta is becoming a star.

After the match, The Undisputed Elite are backstage on the Brandon Cam. They all lost their big matches of late. So, they are all dressed in black. Adam Cole says they are going to have an open challenge 10-man tag next week to get back on track. Something tells me Tony’s announcement might just fill the other team.


CM Punk vs. Dustin Rhodes

CM Punk is taking on Dustin Rhodes in what AEW is calling a dream match. Dustin is certainly a big name in wrestling history, but I’m just not sure that his name carries the amount of weight they are selling it as.

When CM Punk wrestled Penta, Punk picked up the pace and I thought it was the best non-MJF match Punk has had in AEW. This match is back to the very slow pace Punk had in his first matches back. Maybe it’s my personal preference, but when he wrestles this slow I don’t enjoy it as much.

The final 3rd picked up a bit. Dustin punished Punk on the apron and continued working him over in the ring. Dustin was selling a knee injury CM Punk had been working over throughout the match. At one point, Rhodes jumps off the middle rope. Upon landing, he tweaks his knee. Punk takes advantage by locking in the Figure 4. Many associate the Figure 4 with Ric Flair, but Dusty Rhodes used the move too. The commentary put over the fact that a Rhodes losing by Figure 4 was embarrassing.

The final exchange was a bit awkward and a let down. Dustin went for the Bionic Elbow. CM Punk countered with a roundhouse kick, but he missed. Somehow, Dustin sold by falling into the ropes and CM Punk rolled him up. After the match, Dustin Rhodes and CM Punk hugged each other.

Ooooh. As Punk walks up the ramp, Hangman meets him at the top. The duo stares each other down. I really think if they want to make Hangman a star they’ll put him over CM Punk.

The line-up


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