AEW: Dynamite Live Results – March 30, 2022

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AEW: Dynamite Live Results – March 30, 2022 AEW

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. It’s time for another AEW: Dynamite and WrestleTalk will have all your live coverage right here on the site. Tonight’s show will have a debut for the women. It should also have some awesome wrestling as always.

Here is the card for tonight:

  • FTR vs. Gunn Club
  • Andrade vs. Darby Allin
  • Jay Lethal vs. Jon Moxley
  • Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Bryan
  • CM Punk vs. Max Caster
  • The Bunny vs. TBD
  • Championship Celebration for Undisputed Elite
  • Jericho Appreciation Society promo

The Main Event

Darby and Andrade are going at it in the main event. Andrade doesn’t wait. He goes right after Darby as the match starts diving to the outside. The battle continues on the outside for several minutes before the bell ever rings.

Eventually, they make it in the ring. Andrade is really working over Darby. The announcers put over the fact that Andrade is 245 pounds and is bigger than he’s ever been before. The idea there is because he’s so much bigger than Darby. Nice touch.

Darby getting killed is a pretty solid plan of attack. He’s very good at getting beaten up. At one point, they just start slapping the heck out of each other. They both fall to the ground after Andrade delivers one of the roughest slaps I’ve seen in a wrestling ring.

Darby and Andrade are back up. Darby hits some kind of tornado stunner. However, his advantage is short-lived. Andrade puts him in a backbreaker. Darby hits a top rope crucifix. He locks in the arm bar. Jose comes down. Sting makes the save. Butcher and Blade come attack Sting.

Darby saves Sting with a huge cross-body. Darby is back in the ring. He gets hit with a huge buckle bomb. Andrade hits El Idole and gets the win. That’s Andrade’s biggest win in AEW so far. Good night for AFO. Another solid episode of AEW.

The show ends with AFO attacking Sting. The Hardys make the save. Matt and Jeff will be fighting Butcher and Blade in a tables match next week. Until then…

Who will face the Bunny?

Oh wow, it is Toni Storm. The crowd is going crazy for this debut. Storm is here and she is in incredible shape.

Bunny gets in her face, but Storm quickly takes control. The announcers don’t talk about Storm’s WWE run. They instead talk about her time in Stardom. I wonder if that is a Storm request. Storm was terrific in Stardom and that background makes her more formidable than her WWE main roster run.

I guess based on AEW’s roster The Bunny makes a lot of sense to be Toni Storm’s opponent. She’s a veteran and she can afford a loss. She’s one of the more sound workers in the division.

Bunny carried a lot of the offense at points during the match. Eventually, Storm hits the Storm Zero. She gets the win. Toni Storm is in tears after winning. You can tell how much she wants it.

Backstage, Nyla Rose wants to kill Thunder Rosa.

Thunder Rosa talks?

It seems Thunder Rosa is going to get to talk. Rosa points out she is the first-ever Mexican-born champion in history. I’m not sure if she meant women or everyone.

She says she wants to be the face of women’s wrestling in AEW and the entire industry. She says she doesn’t want to be a pillar of AEW. She says pillars get knocked down. She’s going to be the foundation.

The promo was solid. It did feel a bit rehearsed and memorized. However, she delivered it very well. She called out Nyla Rose and said she’d face her for the title.

Backstage, FTR cuts a promo about winning the ROH titles on Friday Night. Then, they challenge the Young Bucks to a match to determine who is the best team.

Up next, it’s Bunny vs. a new wrestler.

Undisputed Elite's Championship Celebration

Adam Cole and ReDRagon are here to celebrate the fact that they took the championships from them. They’ve taken the belts and put athletic tape over the nameplates. Cole says AEW needs a new era. He says they need a new group of guys in charge.

They say ReDRagon may not be in the rankings or have enough AEW wins, but their resumes say they are better than anyone. Strangely, Hangman Page pulls up in a Tesla with horns on the hood. ???

I guess paying $5 a gallon is not cowboy Sh*t. He’s gone electric. He comes down to the ring and chased off Cole and the boys. As they retreat, Jurassic Express sneak out behind them. Page and Jurassic Express stand tall.

They grab their belts and leave the Undisputed Elite lying on the floor. JR calls Luchasaurus a giant lizard. C’mon JR. Know the guy’s gimmick for crying out loud.

Yuta and Danielson

William Regal is out with Danielson. He did not come out with Moxley. Regal is on commentary. During the match, he really puts over Yuta and his talent.

No shocker here, this one is very technical and very good. It seems clear at this point that Yuta is going to be in this group at some point. Then, we’re going to get the Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Best Friends. Talk about a clash of styles.

Yuta locks in a reverse figure four. Danielson couldn’t get out and had to grab the ropes. Bryan goes to his striking game to take out Yuta.

Wow. Danielson goes for Cattle Mutilation. Yuta reverses it. He then hits the repeated elbows to Danielson’s neck. The crowd is going nuts. Yuta goes for a roll-up win but Danielson kicks out at two.

Danielson is up. He hits the knee. He then hits the foot stomps to the head. That’s not enough. He hits a gotch style piledriver. Then locks in a crossface with a nose grab. Danielson is vicious in the end. Holy cow.  That was brutal at the end. That was terrific.

Jericho Appreciation Society

Backstage, Jericho and his boys are talking more trash. They say Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz are not coming back. They do the the look through the curtains act again.

This time, Hager opens the curtain and there they are. Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz use the stuffed socks to even the odds. Kingston beats up Jericho all the way to the ring. He knocks him out with a backfist.

While I’m very much enjoying this, it does make the JAS look a little bad that they just got beat up by 3 guys. Okay, they eventually make their way back and the 5 guys take over.

Jericho with his bat and the other guys leave Ortiz, Kingston, and Santan in the ring. Jericho takes a belt and just whips Kingston while Hager and Garcia hold him up. Kingston does a great job of selling being angry and hurt at the same time.

With the exception of Garcia, this group seems to really fit Jericho much better.

Backstage, Jade Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling are looking for who Cargill’s 30th win should be. It’s going to be Marina Shafir. That’s an interesting opponent. Up next, Danielson and Yuta will be battling it out.

The Gunn Club and FTR

I am not FTR’s biggest fan by any stretch. However, I love the fact that they honor legends with their gear. Tonight, they have NWO gear in honor of Scott Hall. MJF joins on commentary.

FTR takes control early. They work over the younger Gunn Club. Eventually, Billy Gunn gets involved and the Gunn Club starts working over Wheeler as we go picture in picture.

After we come back, Harwood gets the hot tag and he goes wild. He lifts up one of the Gunns and the other sweeps the leg. They cheat to get the cover, but Harwood kicks out at 2.

Midmatch, Wardlow comes rushing in the back. Security tries to take him out, but he’s taking out each one as he comes down to get MJF. Eventually, they send about 20 guys to swarm him and he’s taken out of the arena.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, FTR get the win using the Big Rig. They had to fight off Billy Gunn again. On commentary, MJF was freaking out the whole time. He goes down to the ring to celebrate with FTR. FTR is not having it. They say Wardlow is their boy too. They shrug Max off, but he still raises their hands in victory.

Hobbs and Lee are main eventing Rampage this weekend.

Lethal and Moxley

Jay Lethal is one of those guys who is just so fundamentally sound in the ring. He can wrestle any style and make it work. I’m so glad he’s getting a chance to show it on a big stage.

This match is terrific so far. It has a lot of NJPW flair to it. The men trade forearms. Moxley falls off the top rope weirdly and looks like he might be hurt. He keeps fighting though.

This one is stiff. Wow, Moxley laid Lethal out with a nasty clothesline. Lethal fights back. As the two trade moves, Lethal walks into a Paradigm Shift, and boom, Moxley wins.

That match was a lot of fun. After the match, Moxley reaches out to shake Lethal’s hand. Lethal would be a good one for the Blackpool Combat Club.

After the match, we get a promo about Marina Shafir. That’s awesome. AEW needs some new blood in the women’s division. Shafir would be a good addition. We also will be getting a new woman tonight too.

FTR and The Gunn Club is next.

Caster vs. Punk

Punk and Caster are opening the show. Caster does a rap where he mentions Will Smith and making Punk crap his pants. That was a nice call back to the time Punk crapped his pants back in the day. Crowd chants of CM Punk ring out several times early on.

Punk is doing what he’s done since he’s been in AEW. He’s making Caster look like a million bucks.

However, in the end, Punk hits a piledriver and then locks in the Anaconda Vice. The announcers talk about Punk having his eyes on the championship. Personally, I don’t think Punk needs the title. I wonder if he puts over Hangman Page.

After the match, Punk says he wants the title. He says he doesn’t know if it is going to be Adam Cole or Hangman Page. He doesn’t care. He is going to be a champion before he’s done in AEW. Punk is definitely the biggest star in AEW. In my mind, I’m not sure if he should be putting people over or carrying the company. I’m not sure Punk as champion spikes the ratings right now.

Backstage, MJF is with FTR. FTR say Wardlow was their friend too. MJF says he talked crap about them, but they don’t buy it. They reluctantly to the Pinnacle handshake.

Up next, Jay Lethal and Jon Moxley do battle.

The Card:

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