WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – March 29, 2022

WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results – March 29, 2022 WWE

It’s time for NXT 2.0 Tuesday!

Currently scheduled for tonight’s show per WWE.com:

  • Roderick Strong vs. A-Kid vs. Cameron Grimes for the last spot in the North American Championship Ladder Match at NXT Stand & Deliver
  • LA Knight and MSK vs. Imperium in 6 man tag-team match
  • Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Legado Del Fantasma
  • Ivy Nile vs. Tiffany Stratton
  • Bodhi Hayward vs. Von Wagner
  • Joe Gacy vs. Draco Anthony
  • … and Nikkita Lyons but no announced opponent

Join us back here at 5PM PST/ 8PM EST / 1AM BST

Last Change Qualifying Match – Roderick Strong vs. Cameron Grimes vs. A-Kid

Crazy fun match of the night between three really compelling athletes, all telling a story of desperation throughout the match with Solo Sikoa, Santos Escobar, and Grayson Waller all looking on from ringside, checking out who their last opponent will be.

In the final segment, it really could be anybody’s match as Strong is focused on taking out A-Kid but Grimes gets the better as he’s able to slip back into the ring, hitting the Cave In and getting the pinfall victory over Strong to snag the final spot in the ladder match at Stand and Deliver.

After the match, Melo tells gets a mic and is in the ring with Cameron Grimes with the other competitors also descending upon the ring with mics to deliver some last lines before it devolves into an all-out brawl to end the show.


Nikkita Lyons vs. Sloane Jacobs

Total squash match that didn’t pretend to be anything but just that! Lyons wins via pinfall victory and yes, she did the same pin as her debut. Afterward, Lash Legend appears on the screen and tells her that after Stand and Deliver, they’re going to tangle.

Joe Gacy vs. Draco Anthony

Joe Gacy picks up the win in this relatively fast match, via pinfall after a handspring lariat. While Harland was at ringside, not sure anything moved forward with this particular story?

Tony D’Angelo actually cuts a promo that makes the feud between he and Ciampa make more sense – framing NXT as a crime family with Tony D starting at the bottom and earning his stripes but now deciding he’s in the position to become a leader, so he is trying to get rid of another top guy.

After the video, Barrett puts over a Twitter exchange between Tony D and AJ Galante of Danbury Trashers fame, and let me tell you, it surprises me 0% that Galante not only watches NXT but would be Tweeting back and forth with Tony D’Angelo. An excellent documentary, check it out!

Von Wagner vs. Bodhi Hayward

Von Wagner dominated Bodhi Hayward in this match with seemingly just as much going on around it as what is going on in it – with Jacket Time on their own commentary desk and Sofia Cromwell also looking on. The best things Bodhi did in this match were escaping the ring strategically and kicking out.

After the match, Wagner beats down Jacket Time, even bringing Ikemen Jiro in the ring to hit him with his finisher again and even rips his suit jacket in half!

Mandy Rose is in the ring with Toxic Attraction; they have some unfinished business with Dakota Kai and Wendy Choo – they failed them and “let’s just say, Wendy Choo apologized for not getting the job done” – and then dump random crap out of a backpack that looks like the exact stuff Kai already found on the ground backstage so this is weird but okay, they beat up Choo. Jacy and Gigi brag that they won’t even need to defend their titles at Stand and Deliver because they’ve already beaten everyone there is to beat, who’s left?! Trick question, there’s NO ONE left, we have beaten and embarrassed every single person! They’re not just Toxic Attraction, they are THE attraction.

Dakota Kai’s music interrupts “finally realizing what happened to her partner Wendy Choo” but her run-in turns around on her as she starts to be on the receiving end of a beating from all three of Toxic Attraction when Raquel Gonzalez’s music hits and she runs out to make the save, they end up hugging in the ring and hold up the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles that Gigi and Jacy apparently abandoned in the melee.

Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen vs. Legado Del Fantasma

Briggs and Jensen brought the fight to Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza with both Fallon Henley and Elektra Lopez at ringside to support their respective teams. Kinda hope this leads to a 6 person intergender tag because this 6 pack has been enjoyable to watch together. By the end, Henley and Lopez come to blows, distracting Wilde long enough for Briggs to gain the upper hand, laying him down with a big chokeslam before tagging in Jensen to hit a High Low on Wilde for the pinfall victory.

Backstage Bits

“This is the DZ everyone has been begging for.” – Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler video package where he is talking about how important he is, typically he just goes back and forth to Orlando on “the jet,” but today he’s going to stay an extra day to do media because no one cares about Bron Breaker. This is his 18th time doing WrestleMania (damn! I mean 17 because this isn’t WrestleMania but…) They’re towing a confusing line with this feud.

Cora Jade has a video about how she has been dreaming of being a WWE superstar since she was in high school where she would write about her WWE dreams in a notebook in Math class.

Ciampa cuts an uplifting promo on his signature folding chair, what is notable here is when he folds it, the back lists 9.9.2015-4.2.2022 like a tombstone!

Ivy Nile vs. Tiffany Stratton

Promo backstage from Kay Lee Ray and Io Shirai, is not particularly interesting. Both are out to best Mandy Rose at Stand and Deliver, even if it means turning on each other.

Dakota Kai is searching for Wendy Choo and finds a pile of her stuff, a ripped apart pillow! A stuffed animal! Where is Wendy?!

Ivy Nile makes her entrance, a video from backstage earlier plays, Tatum Paxley is helping clean up the Diamond Mine Dojo and Ivy Nile stops her – “You want to be a part of Diamond Mine right? We kick ass, not kiss ass! Now get out!”

Tiffany Stratton is heading out with a picture in picture recap of her feud with Sarray, really selling the ‘necklace was from her Grandma’ angle.

The match gets underway with Stratton holding her own, even leaving Nile vulnerable and laid out

Mid-match some smoke appears near the ramp and Sarray appears, at first Stratton is still in control, saying “this is what I’m gonna do to you!” but then quickly Stratton gets reversed into a neck breaker submission hold from Nile and Tiffany taps.

Imperium Vs. LA Knight and MSK

What is this, AEW? The action kicks off straight away with LA Knight and MSK attacking Imperium, literally from the moment the show started! Big back and forth action between all these exceptional athletes, really, everyone in this match is great. By any name, Gunther is fun to watch even when he isn’t simply dominating the competition. Imperium picks up the victory and as they head back up the ramp, get in a stare-down with the Creed Brothers while MSK remains battered in the ring ahead of their showdown at Stand and Deliver.

Almost time for NXT 2.0!

My guess? Shane McMahon

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