NXT Stars Respond To Report About Training Injuries

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

NXT Stars Respond To Report About Training Injuries WWE

Current WWE NXT stars have responded to recent reports about training injuries at the Performance Center.

It was recently reported that NXT star Sol Ruca had suffered a torn ACL, which was the reason behind writing her off of NXT television on this past week’s Spring Breakin’ special episode of the show.

Ruca’s injury had been compared to other women who have suffered ACL injuries in NXT of late, like Nikkita Lyons and Arianna Grace.

The report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claimed some people in NXT are blaming the injuries on a new strength and conditioning coach. Meltzer wrote:

There are those who have blamed the current workouts they are putting the talent through as being counterproductive due to all the injuries.

One person noted the new strength and conditioning coach has talent lifting heavy all the time and there is a feeling that heavy lifting that puts any stress on knees, shoulders or backs, is counterproductive for a wrestling style that also puts so much stress on those same body parts.

The former coach was about doing athletic drills and trying to develop explosiveness and the complaints are that now it is more about increasing strength in different lefts by going heavy

Thea Hail, who Meltzer also reported was out with a short-term injury, responded to a fan relaying the information on Twitter, simply stating:

i don’t know where these dudes get their info from but this is just not true

Fellow NXT star Grayson Waller also responded to the reports that blame was being put on the training, responding with a gif stating that the report was ‘a lie’.

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