Ridge Holland Loses WWE SmackDown Debut

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Ridge Holland Loses WWE SmackDown Debut

Yet another recent NXT call-up has been beaten in his main roster debut match, this time Ridge Holland on tonight’s episode of SmackDown.

Ridge Holland was pinned by Cesaro via a roll-up while Holland’s “mentor” and Cesaro’s former tag partner Sheamus was on commentary during the match.

Holland was largely dominant throughout the match, but would it really hurt for one of these guys to make a statement by winning their debut?

They’ve not done too badly with Austin Theory on Raw so far, but this Holland match certainly had shades of Karrion Kross’ Raw debut loss to Jeff Hardy about it. And that went well.

There were reports when Holland and Theory were called up that WWE saw them as potential top champions, but Holland certainly didn’t get off to the right start tonight.

Yes, it’s great that Cesaro won, but there’s a very simple solution which would have prevented either of them from losing… don’t do the match.

Holland was also eliminated pretty early in the #1 contender battle royal that closed the show.

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