Roman Reigns Says There Is No One To Pass The Torch To

2 years ago by Tempest

Roman Reigns Says There Is No One To Pass The Torch To

Roman Reigns does not think there is anybody in WWE right now he can pass the torch to.

Speaking on Cheap Heat, Reigns was asked if he thinks the next guy is in WWE and he said no. He also said Drew McIntyre is his favorite guy but still said McIntyre isn’t there with him. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“Ain’t nobody. I can say my favorite number two, Drew [McIntyre]. There are a bunch of number twos, threes, whatever you want to call them. We can rank them, but they are under me. How far under? Who knows, who cares. How strong of a number two do you want to be? At this point, my favorite is Drew McIntyre. In a perfect world, if there is an opportunity to pass the torch to him, he’s the one guy that has captivated my attention in that manner, but he ain’t there. It’s only because I’m still here and so solid within my stronghold. The flag is fully planted in and I can’t even think about [who is next]. John [Cena] needed someone to come in so he could move on and try new things. I will eventually need that, but there is nobody at this point.”

Roman Reigns has been Universal Champion since Payback 2020. He has not lost a match in 2021, defeating the likes of Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Cesaro, and Edge.

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