Sasha Banks Reveals Origins Of ‘The Boss’ Nickname

Sasha Banks Reveals Origins Of ‘The Boss’ Nickname

Not everyone can have a cool nickname like ‘Stone Cold’ or ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, but one of the more iconic nicknames in recent years has been ‘The Boss’. Sasha Banks has gone by the nickname since her days in NXT and now she has revealed the origin of the name.

Speaking on Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, Banks discussed coming up with the name and Dusty Rhodes being the only person impressed by it in NXT at first. Here is the quote, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

“The first one I did was The Boss because my cousin is Snoop Dogg. I remember at 16 years old going to WrestleMania in Orlando with him and him doing rehearsals and I’m walking down the ramp with him behind him and I see all the girls. I get to see all these friggin’ women that I get to watch every single week and I’m like ‘I am going to be walking down this stage one day, and I gotta do it like Snoop Dogg.’ Everybody around him calls him The Boss, so I’m like that’s a good character, let me take that and turn it up.

I’m the baddest, I’m the greatest, I’m The Boss of NXT. I tried it in promo class, everyone sh** on it except for Dusty Rhodes. Nobody got it, no one understood it except for Dusty. He’s like ‘That’s what I wanted. Keep on coming back every single week and doing that and that’s the sassy Sasha I’ve been dreaming and seeing and wanting you to be.’ It’s so crazy.”

Sasha Banks is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. She is also one of only four women in WWE to win all four championships available to be won.

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