Surprise Ambush To End WWE NXT

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Surprise Ambush To End WWE NXT WWE

Ahead of this WrestleMania Saturday’s big NXT premium live event, Stand & Deliver, a shock ambush ended tonight’s episode (March 28).

Grayson Waller came to the ring to address the challenge from Johnny Gargano to face him in an Unsanctioned Match, thereby creating eliminating any rules or restrictions for the bout.

While he noted he accepted the challenge as he signed the contract held by commentator Vic Joseph, he then got on the mic to address Gargano directly.

However mid-promo, notably after Johnny Gargano’s music hit the camera that was filming Waller appeared to be being set down.

As the view cut to a different camera, it was revealed that Gargano had been in the ring all along, disguised as a camera operator and took his opportunity to strike!

Kicking off a big brawl with Grayson Waller to end tonight’s WWE NXT, the developmental brand looks ahead to WrestleMania Saturday.

NXT’s premium live event, Stand & Deliver will take place live on Saturday, April 1 at 10am PST, 1pm EST on Peacock.

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