Former WWE Star Teases Battle With AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club

4 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Former WWE Star Teases Battle With AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club AEW

Former WWE NXT star Timothy Thatcher has teased an encounter with AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club faction.

William Regal has taken several notable names under his wing this year, with bonafide stars Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli representing the Blackpool Combat Club, and rising star Wheeler Yuta gaining popularity since joining the group.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, Timothy Thatcher commented on the possibility of him walking through the forbidden door to face someone from AEW.

Noting that he’d be interested in doing battle with a member of William Regal’s Blackpool Combat Club, Thatcher said:

“Obviously AEW has many talented wrestlers there. I believe Noah has a lot as well. And I think some people would line up very well.

“I know recently like Masa Kitamiya has been asking for a match with Eddie Kingston and stuff like that.

“So those are very cool things to think about if they could happen and stuff. And I think they would be wonderful for people to see as well.

“Battling anyone from that Blackpool Combat Club is kind of up my alley, isn’t it?

“Mr. Regal has always been very kind to me and as well. If he picks you to be in his corner, he’s amassed quite a crew over there with Claudio and Moxley and Dragon and Wheeler.

“So yeah, those guys are always worth a fight.”

Timothy Thatcher worked closely with William Regal during his time with WWE, with Thatcher notably transitioning into a backstage coaching role during his final months with the company.

Thatcher was let go by WWE during the January 2022 round of Performance Center cuts.

The popular star has also commented on his relationship with Triple H and discussed the possibility of a WWE return under the new regime.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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