WWE Star Reveals He’s Working On A Book

WWE Star Reveals He’s Working On A Book WWE

WWE star Titus O’Neil has revealed that he’s now working on a new book about fatherhood, commenting on the upcoming project.

While O’Neil has won gold with WWE, most celebrate the former Tag Team Champion for his contributions to the wider community outside of the ring.

Speaking on The Dad Edge podcast, O’Neil opened up about his perspective on fatherhood, noting:

“I’m actually working on a second book now, it’s on fatherhood and the honor behind it.

“So often, as humans, we allow some of the simplest stuff to ruin our day or we let some of the simplest people, when I say ‘simple,’ I mean, ‘simple-minded people’ ruin our day.

“You post a picture of you and your family on Instagram and everyone is like ‘You have a beautiful family’ and one person is like ‘Your kids are ugly’ and that ruins your who day.

“Why? If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal. Even if they do know you personally, they don’t control your narrative.”

O’Neil has two sons and a daughter he adopted earlier this year in July. The 2020 Warrior Award recipient opened up about being an advocate for LGBTQ rights after adopting his daughter, who is openly gay.

The WWE star has been out of action due to a knee injury since late 2020.

Titus O’Neil recently stated that he has several acting opportunities lined up while discussing his Hollywood aspirations.

Transcription via Fightful

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