Top WWE Star Reveals Major Injury Suffered Last Year

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Top WWE Star Reveals Major Injury Suffered Last Year WWE

A top WWE star has revealed a major injury they suffered last year.

Bobby Lashley has been on a roll for the past two years with two runs each as WWE Champion and United States Champion.

With a man as powerful as Lashley, one would think that his pain threshold would be significantly high. However, it seems that it was even enough to work through a serious injury.

During an appearance on the NotSam Wrestling show, the two-time WWE Champion was asked about wrestling with a headache or injury.

The All Mighty  answered:

“I don’t think there’s a time where I went out for any match where I thought ‘Man, I feel great.'”

When discussing a recent finger injury that required stitches, Lashley admitted that he has dealt with a much more worse injury in the past year.

He said:

“I wrestled half of the year last year with a torn rotator cuff. Seventy-five percent tear in my rotator,”

Bobby Lashley recently lost the United States Championship to Seth Rollins on the October 10 edition of WWE Raw.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc.

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