Tucker Calls Daniel Bryan ‘The Modern Day Bret Hart’

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tucker Calls Daniel Bryan ‘The Modern Day Bret Hart’

Former WWE talent Levi Cooper (Tucker) has praised Daniel Bryan, comparing the former WWE Champion to a beloved Hall of Famer.

An argument can be made for calling Daniel Bryan one of the most influential wrestlers in WWE history. According to Tucker, Bryan is this generation’s Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc, Tucker noted that working with Bryan was a glorious opportunity, saying:

“To me, Daniel Bryan is the modern day Bret Hart. He’s the man. He’s the best. Whether it comes to his mind and talking through how and why we’re going to do things or whether it comes to the execution of said thing in the ring, I don’t think you or me could point out somebody or defend somebody better than him at either of those two things. What a glorious opportunity it was for us to be able to pick his brain a little bit and kind of see how he moved around the Heavy Machinery pieces. ‘What do you guys do?’ Having a discussion about the ethos, if you will, of Heavy Machinery and that might be able to play off of them in the large scale, in the big picture.

“Well, how does that sort of equate to the minutia? How do we do the micro here on the day-to-day. What does the promo look like? What do the matches look like? What are the beats of the story that we’re telling? And also just kind of seeing how he operates, seeing what questions he’s asking what people and why he’s going about doing those things, at least for me, I was trying to take away as much of that kind of stuff as I possibly could from working with someone like that.”

Tucker was released by WWE on April 15. He last wrestled for the company in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal earlier that month.

Daniel Bryan’s last WWE match was against Roman Reigns on April 30. He has reportedly signed with AEW, following his WWE contract expiring.

According to Paul Wight, who joined the promotion earlier this year, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan would be a lot happier in AEW.

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