Did Uncle Howdy Reveal His Identity?

Did Uncle Howdy Reveal His Identity? Twitter/WWE

Did Uncle Howdy reveal his identity via Twitter post after making the first in the flesh appearance on WWE SmackDown?

It’s Friday, you know what that means…

Let’s examine some White Rabbit/Bray Wyatt/Uncle Howdy/Wyatt6/whatever we’re still calling this mysterious storyline!

After Uncle Howdy made his in the flesh reveal on tonight’s WWE SmackDown, things were still a little unclear.

It doesn’t sound as though the pre-taped edition of SmackDown set to air on December 23 provided any clearer picture of who might be behind the Uncle Howdy mask.

However, did Uncle Howdy reveal himself on Twitter…?

Widely speculated about to be not only WWE bound but also to be already involved in some way in Bray Wyatt’s return are both Vincent and Dutch formerly of Ring of Honor.

After being spotted a recent WWE tryout outing at NXT, perhaps they really are headed for WWE given a recent tease.

After Uncle Howdy appeared on SmackDown, Dutch tweeted a casual photo that looked an awful lot like the presentation of Uncle Howdy.

From the pose to the body style, it might very well be him!

What do you think? Check out the snap below and let us know – is Dutch actually Uncle Howdy?

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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