Uncle Howdy Appears On WWE SmackDown

4 months ago by Amanda Savage

Uncle Howdy Appears On WWE SmackDown WWE

After showing footage of LA Knight being abducted during last week’s edition of WWE SmackDown, LA Knight took to the ring to call out Bray Wyatt.

While Knight made it clear he didn’t buy Wyatt’s tale that he had has nothing to do with the recent attacks on him, he still believes it was him.

When Bray came to the ring to continue to tell LA Knight that it wasn’t him but also with a warning for what may come next, Knight got a chance to lay in some kicks on Wyatt until they were both interrupted.

Through the entrance ramp emerged Uncle Howdy himself!

While Uncle Howdy was not unmasked, he did appear at the entrance ramp and seemed to be enjoying himself as he chuckled along to Knight staring at the duo with fear.

Elsewhere on tonight’s WWE SmackDown, is Sami Zayn set up for a major disappointment debuting a fresh cut and fit for a special segment with Roman Reigns?

Also, a mystery attacked interfered in the Women’s Tag Team Championship bout and then was revealed via a backstage segment. 

You can keep up with all the breaking news from tonight’s WWE SmackDown by clicking here. 

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