Update On Nia Jax WWE Status Ahead Of SmackDown

2 months ago by SP3

Update On Nia Jax WWE Status Ahead Of SmackDown WWE

A new report has revealed an update on Nia Jax’s WWE status ahead of tonight’s SmackDown.

At WWE Royal Rumble, former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax made her return to the company for the first time in over one year, entering at #30.

Despite her entry and subsequent new t-shirt being released on the company’s website, there has been some confusion on whether Jax has been re-signed to WWE as of yet.

Per PWInsider, no one they have spoken with has seen Nia Jax backstage at tonight’s WWE SmackDown.

The report does note that it is still possible that Jax might be there, but if she is, she is being well hidden.

The former Raw Women’s Champion was released from WWE in November 2021. Before Royal Rumble 2023, Jax hadn’t wrestled since her release.

It remains to be seen if WWE will use Jax in the future following her Rumble return.

We will have further updates on Nia Jax’s status and on tonight’s SmackDown when they become available.

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