Vince McMahon Spotted With ‘Creepy Little Mustache’ At WWE Raw

2 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

Vince McMahon Spotted With ‘Creepy Little Mustache’ At WWE Raw WWE

Not only is Vince McMahon backstage at WWE Raw, apparently he’s sporting a new look as well according to several talent backstage.

With earlier word that Vince McMahon is backstage at tonight’s WWE Raw, a fascinating detail has been revealed.

Apparently Vince McMahon is sporting a new look with a mustache.

Not only that but according to Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful, the mustache has been described to him as “a creepy little mustache” and not only that but the intel is now “double sourced.”

Hopefully one of the loose lipped talents also manages to snap a pic because the internet is already demanding to know details on the aforementioned facial hair.

If someone can randomly get a pic of a security camera pic of Ricky Starks backstage at Royal Rumble, it seems possible that we’ll eventually get a peek at the new McMahonstache!

Elsewhere on tonight’s WWE Raw, a powerful new alliance seems to have formed and Logan Paul returned to WWE.

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