Logan Paul Returns To WWE Raw

2 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

Logan Paul Returns To WWE Raw WWE

Social media sensation Logan Paul made his in-person return to WWE to face off with potential future WrestleMania opponent, Seth Rollins.

On tonight’s WWE Raw, Logan Paul returned to join the Miz and Seth Rollins in a segment to set up a big match for WrestleMania 39.

With the excited Boston crowd squarely behind Seth Rollins in the interaction, they played heavily into the segment.

Derailing the ability for the exchange to begin, the crowd simply was having too much fun singing his theme song. In fact, next time he spoke they continued singing to drown out Logan Paul’s responses.

However Paul persisted, noting that he has publicly embarrassed Rollins twice, has accomplished more in one year what it took Rollins 20 years to do so it is understandable to hate him.

Rollins going on to call Paul scum, a fraud and a human dumpster fire amongst other choice words before punctuating the vitriol by informing him that “we don’t want you in our house,” to which the raucous crowd erupted.

With the Miz attempting to break them up but Logan Paul noted that he would not be fighting for free as a “premium act” he did say that if the stage and money were bigger, he would consider it.

When Miz was boosted from the ring by Rollins to go to the back to make it happen, the pair of future opponents exchanged blows.

After hitting a big right hand on Seth Rollins he was “knocked out” as Paul stood tall and got back on the mic to tell Rollins that when he woke up, he could respond to his WrestleMania 39 challenge.

And also added his own meme-worthy version of Rollins’ “bye, bye b***h,” from last week’s show for good measure before tossing the mic to end the segment.

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