Former WWE Star Describes ‘Special’ Relationship Between Vince McMahon & Chris Jericho

Former WWE Star Describes ‘Special’ Relationship Between Vince McMahon & Chris Jericho AEW/WWE

One former WWE star has described the ‘special’ relationship between AEW star Chris Jericho and Vince McMahon that led up to the former’s departure for NJPW.

With the topic of the 2017 Survivor Series at hand, a former WWE star recalls the final WWE days of Chris Jericho, including spilling what he knows about the backstage dynamics surrounding it.

On the latest edition of his ‘Oh You Didn’t Know?’ podcast, weekly newsmaker Road Dogg Jesse James (real name Brian James) discussed the dealings leading up to Jericho leaving WWE.

While much has happened in the world of professional wrestling in the past five years, Jericho didn’t have an established alternative when he departed WWE.

Reinventing himself as the ‘Painmaker’ through working with New Japan Pro Wrestling,  Jericho leaving WWE and wrestling elsewhere was groundbreaking.

Of the inner workings, James said:

“I don’t know exactly the inner workings, Chris was one of those guys that had a very special relationship with Vince and so you didn’t always know what went on behind closed doors that you weren’t privy to.”

“It was what it was. It shocked the wrestling world more than it shocked Vince McMahon. I can tell you that for 100%.”

Chris Jericho is currently the Ring of Honor World Champion, a title he puts on the line on the next edition of AEW Dynamite (tonight, November 23) against NJPW legend, Tomohiro Ishii.

You can keep up with all the news from tonight’s AEW Dynamite by clicking here. 

Transcription via WrestlingInc.

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