Here’s What Happened When Braun Strowman Returned To SmackDown

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Here’s What Happened When Braun Strowman Returned To SmackDown WWE

The latest former WWE star to make a return to WWE under the Triple H regime took place on this week’s episode of Raw, when the former Universal Champion Braun Strowman made his return to the company.

Braun returned during a four-way number one contenders tag team match between the New Day, Alpha Academy, Street Profits and Los Lotharios, laying waste to all the men in the match, causing a no contest.

Braun then stated in an interview later in the show that he would be heading to tonight’s SmackDown in Seattle to cause more destruction, and he did just that.

Alpha Academy also headed over to the blue brand, where they, well more specifically Gable, ran down Seattle, referencing them losing a basketball team, which I believe is the same reference Kevin Owens and Elias made on Raw four years ago that got them booed for like 5 straight minutes. I am not American so someone will have to verify.

Braun them came out however, laying waste to Otis and Gable, delivering a Powerbomb to Otis.

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