Here Is When Released NXT UK Stars Become Free Agents

Here Is When Released NXT UK Stars Become Free Agents WWE

It was officially announced by WWE yesterday that the NXT UK brand will be going on hiatus, with the final show featuring the brand set to be the Worlds Collide show on September 4.

In it’s place, WWE is set to repurpose the show into ‘NXT Europe’, which will begin airing in 2023, and feature several of the NXT UK stars.

However, the show going on hiatus resulted in a lot of the wrestlers from the show being released from the company, the full list of which can be found here.

We now know when the former NXT UK stars are set to become free agents again. Per several of the released stars, they officially become free agents on September 23.

Several of the released names came as a surprise to people, including Amale, who was the only French star signed to the company, leading to speculation that WWE may not actually be planning on repurposing the show as NXT Europe.

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