William Regal Details WWE Tryouts, Praises Canyon Cemen

5 months ago by Connel Rumsey

William Regal Details WWE Tryouts, Praises Canyon Cemen

During William Regal’s time in WWE, he served as one of the head talent scouts for NXT, and took part in a lot of travelling for the company.

During his appearance on Talk Is Jericho, Regal recalled the WWE tryouts, heaping praise on former Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Cemen for setting them up.

He said:

“2018 started, first few months I was having all this swelling in my legs and that. Go on a scouting trip to Costa Rica, because again, there’s all these things that we did – I wanna just mention Canyon (Ceman) again because he was such a part of my life, was a great fella – he would get these, whatever instructions, ‘We need to do this for the Network, or we need to do that’, and he would organise these incredible trips.

“They’re hard obviously, the tryouts, but he would bring people from all these areas from all over the world, and give them an incredible experience for three days. They would work hard in the day, because you know, to find out whether they wanted to do this, and if they had any aptitude for it, but he would take them all out to eat.

“And you would see people from different countries who would never meet each other, and it was truly wonderful experiences to see all these people that would never in a million years have met each other, all gather in one country, and literally people out of slums in India, and I mean that – and not in a bad way, I mean just poor people – I’ve been to their houses where I’ve had to step over open sewers – and bring them together and give them all a wonderful experience.”

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Cemen wasn’t the only behind the scenes WWE talent Regal heaped praise on during the interview, as he also spoke highly of WWE producer Dave Finlay.

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