William Regal Reveals The ‘Greatest Thing He Ever Did’ In Wrestling

1 year ago by Andy Datson

William Regal Reveals The ‘Greatest Thing He Ever Did’ In Wrestling

When William Regal was released from his WWE contract on January 5, wrestling Twitter was flooded with stories from former and current NXT stars about his amazing work in making NXT what it is today.

However, before he really took the reigns in NXT, Regal could be seen mentoring and wrestling the stars of tomorrow in Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental promotion which countless current main roster stars spent time in.

FCW was replaced by the rebranded NXT in 2012, but speaking on the Talk is Jericho podcast, Regal revealed it was in FCW where he did “the greatest thing I ever did as far as a story”.

While he mostly commentated in FCW, Regal had a memorable feud with former WWE and AEW Champion Jon Moxley, who was of course back then known as Dean Ambrose.

Speaking about his final matches, Regal said:

“2013 I ended up having my last match with, I sort of made a thing in my head. There were a few people close to me. Obviously Bryan Danielson, one. And then I’d met Claudio, Cesaro, along the way, him. I happened to meet Jon Moxley, so by fortune we were together at the right time and the right place, and Dusty Rhodes went, ‘What about you two doing something together?’ And I was doing commentary at FCW, so we ended up having – which is a lost little thing – one whole year, we had a one year program. There is a few little things that are put together, but it’s not all of it. If you actually put that story together, it’s probably the greatest thing I ever did as far as a story – just me and Jon.”

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As fate would have it, William Regal is now the manager of Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson in AEW, so perhaps we’ll have a new “greatest thing” in a few years.

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