Recently Departed Star ‘Pissed’ About WWE Exit, Reveals Return Plans

2 weeks ago by Jamie Toolan

Recently Departed Star ‘Pissed’ About WWE Exit, Reveals Return Plans WWE

Despite not actively competing since the 2022 Royal Rumble, and the fact the 2021 and 2022 Royal Rumbles were her only matches since 2019, former WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox actually only departed WWE in early May 2023, to the bemusement of many fans.

While many thought Fox was no longer with the company long before that due to her inactivity, it seems that the whole tail-end of her time in WWE has left Fox with a unsatisfying taste in her mouth.

During a recent MuscleManMalcolm interview with fellow former WWE star Melina, Fox came over to greet her former colleague, having a short exchange that would give some interesting insight into her WWE exit as well as potentially imminent return plans.

Fox and Melina said:

Alicia Fox: “Where should we go do this forbidden door stuff? We have some stuff we haven’t finished. Are you working, wrestling?”

Melina: “I don’t want to (wrestle) because it seems like everybody’s just like, ‘Here, do a match.’ It means nothing. If we’re going to do something, let’s tell a story. Let’s make it amazing.”

Alicia Fox: “We’re out of the box. We’re out. I was like, ‘well, I got some things to take care of. This is what I’m going to do; I’m going to go knock some ring dust off with Booker —”

Melina: “Oh my God! Really? I thought you were done!?”

Alicia Fox: “I never said that. The machine said that. Girl, this appearance has been eye-opening. I didn’t put my face on that alumni section. I never said that. My bags are still packed. I’m pissed about it. So this is what I’m thinking, so I’m talking to Booker and Sharmell, and then I’ll go do that. Then, we’ll go knock on Trin’s house and then Sasha’s house…”

Melina: “If this is the plan, I am 100% for that, and then I’ll end my career on that.”

Alicia Fox: “That’s fine, me too.”

With Fox seemingly gearing up for some in-ring training with Booker T, perhaps a stint in a non-WWE promotion is in her future – after all, this isn’t the first time she has teased a return to the ring since her departure after providing yet another ‘forbidden door’ tease just a few weeks back.

Fox mentioned potentially following in the footsteps of IMPACT’s Trinity Fatu and NJPW’s Mercedes Mone and even hinted at working with the pair.

However, unfortunately for Mone, following an injury at NJPW Resurgence on Sunday, May 21 a return to the ring may be a while off just yet.

For the latest on Mone’s status and extent of her injury follow this link here.

Transcript courtesy of Fightful

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