The Bizarre Storyline Which Became ‘Turning Point’ For Vince McMahon On Sami Zayn

The Bizarre Storyline Which Became ‘Turning Point’ For Vince McMahon On Sami Zayn WWE

If it weren’t for one famously bizarre WWE storyline, could we have never seen the Honorary Uce Sami Zayn in the Bloodline?

While fans raised eyebrows at the interesting crossover between WWE and Netflix’s film, Red Notice in an angle featuring ‘Cleopatra’s Golden Egg’, turns out that without it, we may have never been feeling Ucey.

Speaking to The Bill Simmons Show, former WWE head writer Brian Gerwitz recalled that it was actually that strange storyline “that was the turning point” for Vince McMahon on Sami Zayn.

Gerwitz explained:

“And then Vince and the team came up with this egg thing which most people watching it didn’t like it for whatever reason, that’s fine, but I was told that during those vignettes where Sami kind of stooged off Austin Theory and wanted him to be punished and then was put in a situation where – whatever the creative was – that was the turning point as far as Vince going, ‘Hey, this Sami is… I mean, I always liked him but…

“I think we should look at that egg angle now a little bit differently and perhaps give props to the golden, magical, $100 million egg because – listen, talent always rises to the top and Sami is amazing and would have risen to the top anyway – I just thought it was funny that it was those vignettes where Vince really took notice as far as Sami as a performer.”

So while they may have been incredibly odd at the time, thankfully for us all, Vince McMahon recognized Sami Zayn as the magical, golden egg of a performer that he is through those wacky Red Notice segments.

Also featured heavily in the storyline was Austin Theory who has gone on to soar to amazing heights including an upcoming match against John Cena at WrestleMania 39.

Transcription via F4Online

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