Former WWE Name Says Raw 30 Missed The Mark

Former WWE Name Says Raw 30 Missed The Mark WWE

The WWE Raw 30th Anniversary show was a record-setting show for the company, though didn’t sit well with one former name.

Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas recently spoke on the subject on his Reffin Rant Twitter post.

Whilst he broadly enjoyed the show he felt that “they missed the mark a little bit” with the legends that WWE brought in to celebrate the landmark show.

Korderas noted that:

“With certain superstars like The Undertaker and so on and so forth, they did elevate some current stars but there were so many legends and icons there they could have capitalized and utilized more than a poker game in the back.”

“Maybe they could have brought them out.  Yes, I know there were time constraints and they were up against the clock, let’s put it that way.

“But, at the same time, you’ve got your live audience and your live home audience wanting to see these icons and superstars.

“Bring them out onto the stage, introduce them, give them their moment, and let them acknowledge the crowd live and at home.”

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The show was, indeed, up against the clock, with the much anticipated Steel Change Match between Bayley and Becky Lynch being one of the segments that had to be dropped.

Among the WWE Legends at the show, JBL, Ron Simmons, Alundra Blayze and DDP would be among those playing the backstage poker game, with IRS and Ted Dibiase making an appearance.

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