Ad For Mountain Dew ‘Pitch Black’ Features WWE Star

Ad For Mountain Dew ‘Pitch Black’ Features WWE Star WWE

In what could become standard for WWE, LA Knight stars in an ad for both Mountain Dew Pitch Black and the upcoming match of the same name.

In an advert for the unique, never seen before match type, one of the combatants LA Knight surmises that he has the advantage.

While the ad didn’t reveal significant new match details (beyond confirming that the match will be taking place in the dark) it is interesting in that LA Knight directly references the Mountain Dew product throughout.

In the clip, LA Knight declares his intention to make this unique match, the first televised match for Bray Wyatt since his return to WWE, a one and done for the returning star.

LA Knight says he can’t wait to get his hands on the returning Mountain Dew flavor and then make the lights go out on Wyatt.

Previously touted on earnings calls, Stephanie McMahon shared with shareholders that a brand partnership with Pizza Hut leading to on-screen integration during a match was considered successful last year.

Whether or not the Royal Rumble crowd will start chanting, “We want Mountain Dew!” like they did with pizza remains to be seen!

WWE talent also feature in current advertising for DoorDash as well for a WWE themed Credit One credit card.

You can read all the details about the upcoming premium live event, Royal Rumble 2023 by clicking this link.

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