Current WWE Name Would ‘Love To See’ Matt & Jeff Hardy Return

Current WWE Name Would ‘Love To See’ Matt & Jeff Hardy Return AEW/WWE

A current WWE name has said on record that he would ‘love to see’ Matt and Jeff Hardy make a return to the company.

After recent teases that Matt Hardy could potentially be returning to WWE, Booker T has commented about the potential return of the brothers Hardy.

On his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T said:

“I would love to see him back in WWE,”

“I’d love to see Jeff back in WWE. I want to see both those guys go into the WWE Hall of Fame. They deserve it. They really do. The body of work those guys put in, the legendary matches those guys had with teams like The Dudleys.

“I want to see those guys take their rightful place one day, so maybe this is the beginning. Maybe this is the spark. I haven’t seen Jeff on AEW doing anything in quite some time, so he may be a free agent too for all I know.”

“For Matt and Jeff, I think it’s hard to hang the boots up just yet. They’re still like, we got something left in the tank. We’re not ready to just take a back seat.

“I think Matt and Jeff could have had jobs with WWE, at least the latter regime, they could have had jobs with WWE perhaps forever.”

Elsewhere in Matt Hardy related news, he has been displaying some intriguing recent social media behavior that has some fans wondering if he isn’t set for a WWE return soon.

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Jeff Hardy reportedly remains under contract with AEW.

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Transcription via WrestlingNews.Co

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