NXT Star Freaks Out After Interaction With Ava Raine

NXT Star Freaks Out After Interaction With Ava Raine WWE

Find out what happened when Ava Raine appeared on tonight’s WWE NXT and spent some time with Chase U’s number one student, Thea Hail.

There are two sides to every story so perhaps you believe that Ava Raine liberated Thea Hail from her forced Chase U ideology by assisting her out of the locker room tonight… or she kidnapped her.

Either way, Ava Raine certainly interrupted a feisty Thea Hail who had been involved in a back and forth squabble with Tiffany Stratton, certainly seeming as though she was abducting her.

While forcefully pulling someone from a room while they scream is suggestive of the kidnapping theory, we should all be a little frightened of Ava Raine so let’s leave it open to consideration, shall we?

When Hail was noticeably missing upon their entrance, Chase U marched on without her as Duke Hudson mused that she was a grown woman, she could take care of herself.

However during the match between Duke Hudson and Andre Chase on behalf of Chase U and Pretty Deadly, there was a massive interruption proving that perhaps that was not the case.

As Thea Hail returned from somewhere in the back, she was apparently traumatized as she had received a dark new makeover.

With black lipstick and plenty of Schism stickers covering her Chase U tee, she seemed very out of sorts as she was comforted by Duke Hudson.

Unfortunately this left Chase vulnerable in the ring as he attempted a near fall however after a blind tag, fell victim to the offense of Pretty Deadly who picked up the win.

Will Thea Hail end up joining the dark side faction that attacked her? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Elsewhere on NXT, an exciting NXT talent got the opportunity to show off their stunning finishing move despite losing their singles match, there was an emotional video package featuring Wes Lee and another big return. 

Also, another big return is scheduled for next week as a legendary mystery partner was revealed. 

And after a hard hitting match, the gruesome aftermath was documented on social media for one NXT star.

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