WWE Raw Star Discusses Surprising On-Screen Pairing

WWE Raw Star Discusses Surprising On-Screen Pairing WWE

After debuting on WWE’s main roster after a brief stint in NXT, Maxxine Dupri has been closely affiliated with the Maximum Male Models, initially leading them alongside on-screen brother Max Dupri (LA Knight), and then as the solo leader following Knight’s split from the group.

MMM would move from SmackDown to Raw and soon become embroiled in a story with Alpha Academy, in which Dupri attempted to recruit Otis and turn him into Otìsè.

This instead has ultimately led to Maxxine becoming a full-fledged member of the Alpha Academy, officially recognised as such by WWE.

In a recent appearance on the Out of Character podcast Dupri discussed her pairing with Chad Gable and Otis, and how she built chemistry with the team.

Maxxine said:

“I’m having so much fun working with them (Alpha Academy) and they’re another two that have just been so generous and kind to me and I’m just thankful for anyone I get to work with and learn from and I feel so blessed that I just keep getting paired with such talented people that just give me so much.

“So I’m really, really grateful for that and I think the chemistry with them has honestly just been easy, it’s felt natural.

“Obviously, Otìsè is hilarious and I love playing into it and kind of going back to the whole ‘momager’ thing, I feel like I’m really getting to lean into that.

Despite enjoying her current work with Alpha Academy, Dupri also conveyed how important MMM’s mån.sôör, ma.çé and LA Knight were during her early time on the main roster, saying:

“I mean, they fully took me under their wing (mån.sôör & ma.çé). I did not know what I was doing.

“I was like, I’m just showing up and rolling with the punches and hoping for the best and they had both taught me so much and just taking such good care of me.

“I feel like they always looked out for me and even if we’re traveling together, I just feel really, really grateful.

“With my experience, even with LA Knight, they’ve just all been really — put such a positive insight on my career and I’m just so thankful for that.”

While Dupri is now a firmly established talent on the main roster, her debut on SmackDown was something that could have very easily not happened with plans being solidified at the last minute.

To find out about Dupri’s debut and the extremely short notice she was given upon joining MMM, follow this link here.

Transcript courtesy of POST Wrestling

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