WWE Reveals John Cena Legacy Championship Belt

11 months ago by SP3

WWE Reveals John Cena Legacy Championship Belt WWE

WWE has revealed a custom championship belt dedicated to John Cena for the 20 year anniversary of his debut.

The 16-time world champion was celebrated on the June 27 edition of WWE Raw for 20 years in WWE during his return to the company.

On the June 29 episode of The Bump, WWE announced that they will be releasing a legacy championship for John Cena, with pre-orders for the 500 belts being made starting in July.

The title belt has 16 jewels on its center plate, representing the 16 world championship wins that John Cena captured during his time in WWE. The center plate also spins to resemble the signature WWE and United States Championship belts that Cena introduced.

The side plates show the evolution of John Cena’s logo throughout the years with the words “Word Life” engraved on the side of the belt.

During his return on Monday’s Raw, John Cena revealed that he is not sure when he will return to the ring for another match.

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