WWE Star AJ Styles Used For Bizarre Colonoscopy Billboard

WWE Star AJ Styles Used For Bizarre Colonoscopy Billboard Twitter

You know that feeling when you’re driving through town, you look up at the closest billboard and you see AJ Styles’ face on a huge advert for colonoscopies? It’s such a classic feeling.

Yes, AJ Styles appears to be the face of a new colonoscopy campaign in Alabama, which is a genuinely very important thing for men of a certain age to get as a way of identifying any signs of bowel cancer.

You can see the advert, which was posted on Twitter, below.

While the message of the advert is incredibly important, there are some questions on Twitter about the legality of using AJ Styles’ likeness, as WWE would have to sign off on any ad campaigns its wrestlers are asked to take part in.

That being said, we have no evidence either way, so let’s just marvel at how strange it is to see AJ Styles on a giant colonoscopy billboard.

If you are interested in why getting a colonoscopy is so important, you can read more about it here.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson



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