WWE Star Causes Technical Glitch During Show

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Star Causes Technical Glitch During Show WWE

A WWE star has taken over the production truck to end an episode of television tonight with a message for Shawn Michaels.

While one star may be suspended from WWE, that apparently did not stop him from paying homage to a very annoying Super Bowl commercial and threatening Shawn Michaels at the same time.

While Bron Breakker still celebrated his victory over Jinder Mahal, fans’ attention was drawn away from the in-ring jubilation as it seemed someone had taken over the television!

In what appeared in the moment as someone taking over your feed to select the Peacock app then scroll past Elimination Chamber to fix on NXT’s upcoming Stand & Deliver premium live event graphic, finally Grayson Waller was revealed as the man behind the remote.

Telling the NXT crowd that he had taken over the production truck, he was taking a page out of the DX playbook with his hostile takeover, demanding to see Shawn Michaels.

And not just see him anywhere, in the ring for a very special episode of the Grayson Waller Effect!

We’ll have to stay tuned to see if Shawn Michaels accepts or declines Waller’s strong request.

Elsewhere on tonight’s NXT, a star made his in-ring return after four months away from action and a faction targeted a very interesting new recruit. 

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