Another WWE Star Given New Name

Another WWE Star Given New Name WWE

We now have our final answer regarding the new ring names that WWE trademarked earlier this month and who the last name has been given to.

On July 12 and 13, WWE filed to trademark the names Karmen Petrovic, Tyriek Igwe, Kiyah Saint, Tyson DuPont, Izzi Dame, and finally, Trey Bearhill.

We’ve already covered who five of those six names have been given to (we’ll also recap them in this story in a second), but the identity of the sixth – Trey Bearhill – has now been revealed as well.

As reported by PWInsider, the Trey Bearhill name has been given to Tiller Bucktrot, the former offensive lineman at the University of Tulsa who signed a developmental deal with WWE last year.

To recap, here’s who all of the aforementioned names were given to:

Trey Bearhill is the ring name for Tiller Bucktrot

Karmen Petrovic is the ring name for Monika Klisara

Tyriek Igwe is the ring name for Chukwusom Enekwechi

Kiyah Saint is the ring name for Harleigh White

Tyson DuPont is the ring name for Rickssen Opont

Izzi Dame is the ring name for Franki Strefling

As we’ve mentioned in previous articles discussing these talents, we’re likely to see them debuting on TV – most likely NXT Level Up before NXT TV proper – now that they’ve been given their ring names.

We saw evidence of that last week when Izzi Dame had her first match on Level Up. None of the others have done so as of yet.

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2 months ago by Liam Winnard


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