WWE SVP For Global Talent Strategy & Development On Focus To Recruit Younger Athletes

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE SVP For Global Talent Strategy & Development On Focus To Recruit Younger Athletes WWE

WWE Senior Vice President for Global Talent Strategy & Development James Kimball has commented on WWE’s goals for recruitment, and the NIL program.

WWE announced the NIL collegiate athletes program in late 2021, with the aim of recruiting and developing future performers through collaborative partnerships with college athletes.

Speaking with ESPN.com, Kimball confirmed that the company wants the age of developmental recruits to drop, as WWE wants stars to be around the age of 25 by the time they reach the main roster.

Hopeful that the new strategy will remove chance from the equation when creating future stars, Kimball said:

“We would like that (age) number to come down, especially on the developmental standpoint. The second you enter our developmental program and then potentially end up on NXT TV and then onto SmackDown or Raw, you want that number to be 25, not 30 or 35.”

“We’re able to develop them in an accelerated manner. Get them to WrestleMania or Raw, do media training, do community events. All those initial exposures to the business, those have been done while you’re still in school. And then you come down to Orlando and off you go,”

“The story typically is that you knew someone who knew someone, you had a chance opportunity, you got ahold of an individual who had a line to the company. Our goal here is to eliminate chance from the equation and just improve the likelihood of college athletes having an opportunity.”

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