Uncle Howdy Gets New Female Companion On SmackDown?

Uncle Howdy Gets New Female Companion On SmackDown? WWE

There is another voice that has been introduced into the Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy saga after tonight’s WWE SmackDown.

With now not only the ‘Uncle Howdy’ voice being heard in a vignette but also, a female sounding voice as well.

To kick off the segment, Bray Wyatt came to the ring and as is typical for him now, he spoke to the crowd directly.

Continuing to develop the more earnest and almost aspirational tone to his character, Bray Wyatt continued to talk about what people expect from him versus who he seeks to be.

Sharing that it is very difficult to explain the burdens he has had to go through, he does know that “violence is the only language I’ve ever shown you that I can speak.”

That being said, he clarified that he was not the one that attacked LA Knight last week.

This was when he was interrupted by an Uncle Howdy vignette and Uncle Howdy did not sound to be alone.

Featuring not only a male voice speaking but this time, also a female voice as well, the ongoing story continues to evolve.

Informing that Bray is just a liar, he also included: “Never forget, a snake in a cage is still just a snake.”

Also, it now appears that Uncle Howdy’s mask features a distinct, dripping tear. Fascinating stuff.

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2 years ago by Amanda Savage



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